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Do your worry about your home's indoor air quality (IAQ)?

Are allergies or asthma a medical concern within your household?

Do you think your home's air may be contaminated by air pollutants such as dust, mold spores, pollen, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), insulation fibers, automobile exhaust, carbon monoxide, or excessive moisture from crawl spaces or improperly sized HVAC systems?

Poor indoor air quality is a growing problem, with over 90% of homes experiencing air control problems due to leaky thermal envelopes (comprised of a home's roof, exterior walls, windows, and doors), and also leaky ductwork systems. In addition, many households also experience health concerns caused by too much or too little relative indoor air humidity. At Energy Experts (Alicia Air Conditioning), our comprehensive, 360° Whole Home Energy Audit can effectively pinpoint these problems, so that the needed corrective measures can be identified, such as the necessity to install additional insulation, to repair or replace leaky ductwork, and the need to install ventilation, air filtration, and dehumidification systems when they are necessary to remediate indoor air quality issues.

As building scientists have recently discovered, in the typical home, up to 80% of the incoming air first passes through the attached garage, crawlspace, basement, or attic. And in these unfinished spaces, air pollutants such as mold spores, radon gas, crawlspace moisture, insulation fibers, and volatile organic chemicals can contaminate this incoming air, negatively impacting your family's health and safety. Moreover, improperly sealed, leaky ductwork is the number one source of this bad air infiltration. At Energy Experts (Alicia Air Conditioning), we can locate and fix troublesome duct leakage to make your home a healthier, less dusty, and more comfortable environment for your family. In fact, these repair or replacement services can even pay for themselves over time by resulting in a more efficient home HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system, with lowered heating, cooling, and maintenance bills.

But in addition to leaky ductwork and air infiltration through gaps located in a home's thermal envelope, insufficient or excessive indoor humidity is also a major contributor to health and comfort problems. Excessively dry air can cause sore throats, dry sinuses, an increased risk of respiratory infections, and static electric shocks. Conversely, excessive indoor moisture can lead to the growth of allergy causing mold and dust mites. In fact, the American Lung Association, the American Medical Association, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Centers for Disease Control recommend that indoor relative humidity be kept at 30% to 50% year round. This is due to the fact that higher levels of indoor humidity have been identified as encouraging the growth of dust mites, mold, and musty odors, and because indoor mold has been recognized by the medical community as a cause of serious health problems, including allergic reactions, toxic reactions, asthma episodes, infections, and respiratory damage.

At Energy Experts (Alicia Air Conditioning), our whole home approach to residential HVAC systems involves a thorough indoor air quality evaluation of each home in which we perform our 360° Whole Home Energy Audit. And following this comprehensive inspection of the home's existing HVAC system, ductwork, thermal envelope, and indoor air quality, our knowledgeable technicians will recommend the most effective solutions to eliminate any indoor air quality problems you and your family may be experiencing.

Call the Energy Experts at Alicia Air today. We service all of Orange County. The home HVAC professionals at the Energy Experts are licensed, bonded, and insured.

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